Hijama cupping therapy


Hijama Cupping (hijama) treatment is one of the most established and best strategies for setting the poisons free from body tissue and organs.

It is otherwise called vacuum cupping, hijama cupping, horn treatment and so on. It is a training wherein the advisor puts uncommon cups on the skin to make pull.

This makes the tissue underneath the cup be drawn up and grow, making expansion in the bloodstream impacted region. Upgraded blood stream under the cups draws debasements and poisons from the close by tissues and organs towards the surface for disposal


Hijama cupping therapy

Cupping Therapy (hijama), regularly alluded to as Cupping, has been around for millennia. It was created over the long haul from the first utilization of emptied out animal horns (the Horn Method) to treat bubbles and drain out the poisons out of snakebites and skin sores. Horns gradually advanced into bamboo cups, which were in the end supplanted by glass. Helpful applications developed with the refinement of the actual cup, and with the way of life that utilized measuring as a medical services strategy.

The genuine beginning of cupping actually stays unsure right up ’till today. Some believe the Chinese to be liable for cupping(hijama), notwithstanding, the most punctual pictorial records date back to the antiquated Egyptians around 1500 B.C. Interpretations of hieroglyphics in the Ebers Papyrus, the most seasoned clinical course book, detail the utilization of cupping for treating fever, torment, dizziness, feminine uneven characters, debilitated craving and assisting with speeding up the recuperating emergency.

From the Egyptians, measuring was familiar with the old Greeks, where Hippocrates, the Father of Modern Medicine and measuring advocate, considered measuring to be an answer for essentially every kind of infection. Truth be told, other Greek doctors utilized the solid pull of cupping to reestablish spinal arrangement by diminishing disengaged vertebrae from distending the inside. The earliest recorded utilization of measuring came from the well known chemist and cultivator, Ge Hong (281-341 A.D.), who promoted the maxim Acupuncture and cupping, the greater part of the ills restored.

The Chinese extended the use of cupping to remember its utilization for medical procedures to redirect bloodstream from the medical procedure site. During the 1950s, after much broad exploration, a shared exertion between the previous Soviet Union and China affirmed the clinical viability of cupping treatment. From that point forward, measuring has turned into a backbone of government-supported emergency clinics of Traditional Chinese medication.

At last, cupping spread to old societies in numerous nations of Europe and surprisingly the Americas. All through the eighteenth century, European and American specialists broadly utilized measuring in their practices to treat normal colds and chest contaminations, frequently as Wet Cupping.

Wet Cupping, otherwise called Artificial Leeching and Hijamah in Muslim social orders, is the place where the specialist makes minuscule cuts in the skin to dig the blood or toxic substances out. In the 2016 Rio Olympics, swimmer Michael Phelps’ huge number of eye-getting purple circles stood out as truly newsworthy.

And negative, he was NOT in a bar brawl! Michael Phelps’ mentors gladly asserted that measuring was a lean toward recuperation methodology that diminished touchiness and accelerated the mending of exhausted muscles. Phelps was not the main Olympian that wore cupping marks. Best on the planet tennis star Serena Williams is likewise a major devotee to the advantages of cupping. it seems like an octopus, in spite of the fact that I do not know what an octopus feels like. Better believe it, I generally do it, however I just did it for fun so it simply feels like it’s suctioning and it feels better.

A 2015 methodical survey and meta-investigation in the diary One presumed that cupping could be compelling in treating the aggravation and inability related with ongoing neck torment and persistent low-back torment for the time being. In 2016, Leonid Kalichman, a senior speaker at Ben-Gurion University of the Negev in Israel co-wrote a critique evaluating measuring research in the Journal of Bodywork and Movement Therapies.

Since measuring is a modest, noninvasive and okay (whenever performed by a prepared professional) helpful methodology, we accept that it ought to be remembered for the munitions stockpile of outer muscle medication. One thing is sure, and that is measuring is an incredible recuperating methodology that can supplement numerous medical care modalities going from spa therapies to clinical back rub and non-intrusive treatment. Become familiar with the advanced variation of measuring treatment utilizing silicone cups into a back rub meeting WITHOUT leaving octopus-like measuring marks..


Hijamah cupping therapy
  • Dry cupping – non-invasive cupping or cupping without blood letting. It is caused by the redirection of bleak matter from one site to another.
  • Wet cupping ( Hijamah)-  Invasive cupping with blood letting. It is caused by the redirection of bleak matter from one site to another.
  • Sliding cupping
  • Liquid cupping
  • Hot needle cupping
  • Tonifying
  • Facial cupping
  • Fire cupping
  • Plastic hijamah
  • Maxa cupping
  • Horn cupping
  • suction cupping
  • Oil cupping
  • Deep tissue cupping
  • Solar plexus cupping
  • Acupuncture cupping


  • Horn cup
Hijamah cupping therapy ( Horn cup)
  • Fire cup
Hijamah cupping therapy ( Fire cup)
  • Glass cup
Hijamah cupping therapy (Glass cup)
  • Wooden cup
Hijamah cupping therapy ( Wooden cup)
  • Nabhi cup
Hijamah cupping therapy ( Nabhi cup)
  • Facial cup
Hijamah cupping therapy (Facial cup)


  • Remove the poison after snake
  • Treatment of Urticaria
  • Knee osteoarthritis
  • Treatment of facial paralysis
  • Reduction in fibromyalgia symptoms
  • Treatment of primary dysmenorrhea
  • Treatment of obesity of stomach 
  • Chloasma
  • Treatment of chest pain
  • Asthmatic bronchitis
  • Neck pain
  • Migraine, stress, headache


Notwithstanding Phytotherapy, CAMs are the genuine culture explicit treatments. They are known to assume a significant part in the customary medical services framework.

Measuring treatment is a perplexing treatment playing multidimensional parts and advantages in different illnesses including skin break out, herpes zoster, loss of motion, and torment the executives. Nitty gritty examinations in regards to the measuring treatment components, upheld by very much planned logical investigations, would help in the protected and viable use of the measuring treatments.

Laying out the application recurrence and cup determinations would additionally work on its viability and reduce the connected danger. To open new helpful roads in the field of wellbeing and medication, we need to build up a synergistic connection between regular treatments and other correlative and option therapies.

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