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By | February 2, 2018

Hey, guys today I am going to tell about UIDAI Aadhar Card Download.  Or, we can say in a simple way eaadhar card download procedure. I hope you guys have grabbed enough Knowledge about UIDAI Aadhar Card. But, some of us does not know about it.

First of all, we should know “What is Aadhar Card?” I will not take much time to provide the information about it. So, let’s start with –

“What is Aadhar Card?” – [ Aadhar Card Download ]

Aadhar Card was launched in January 2009 by the Indian Government. The concept to launched Aadhar to provide a New & Unique Identity Number to the Indian Citizen. As per the Concept, Aadhar Provides a Unique 12 digits Identity Number to the applicant.

Now you might be thinking… How UIDAI Aadhar Department Provides a Unique Aadhar Number to the Applicant? So, here is the answer to your question… When an applicant applies for Aadhar Card & go to the Aadhar Center for Application form & Other Identity Document Submission.

They have to provide their Bio-Metric data.  The Bio-Metric Data like applicant both hand fingerprint, Eye Retina Scan & Any Identity Mark on the Body. These all details captured through the computer & Scanner at the Aadhar Center.

These collected data save in the UIDAI database under the applicant name. And, within 90 days UIDAI generate & provide an Aadhar Card with a unique 12 digits number.

aadhar card download - eaadhar

In future, if the same applicant applies again for the Aadhar Card. The UIDAI will not allocate different Aadhar Card number to the same applicant. As they match the collected data with their database.

Before, generating an Aadhar card number for the applicant. If they found collected date matched with the database. They will reject the application with the statement of “Aadhar Card Number Already allocated. That is why nobody can get two Aadhar card & it’s become very reliable Identity Document.

“The Aadhar Card is very reliable Identity Document” – [ eaadhar download ]

The Aadhar Card is most reliable Identity Document. There are many reasons behind it. As we Know it cannot grab twice like Voter ID & PAN Card. Therefore, it becomes a most reliable Identity Document. However, there is some more important point on it. Please find the points:-

  • It carries some Unique Identity Details of the Applicant.
    • Bio-Metric Details (fingerprint, eye retina scan & unique identity mark).
    • Real-time Photograph
    • Unique 12 digits Aadhar Card Number
    • Residential Address
    • Date of Birth
    • Father’s Name

UIDAI Aadhar Card Benefits – [ e aadhar card online download ]

Please find some very useful Benefits of Aadhar Card. We have mentioned below:-

  • The Indian Government has made Aadhar Card Compulsory.  After, this all Bank ask their customer to link Aadhar Card with Bank Account. Or, if the customer does not link Aadhar with Bank Account. Then, The Bank will close the customer’s account. And, it anybody goes for open an Account in Any Government & Private Bank. The Bank ask to provide the Aadhar Card. So, the first most useful Benefit is that you can use it in Bank.
  • By the help of Aadhar Card, the procedure of the verification has become shorter. So, if somebody applies for Passport. The verification will not take a long time and applicant gets their Passport in a short period with less hassle of verification.
  • Aadhar Card help to taking Subsidy & all other Government beneficial Services Scheme.
  • It helps the Government to launched new Benefial Scheme. Becuase, UIDAI has collected the All Indian Citizen Data. Which makes most of the thing easy for the Government in Launching New Scheme.

[ e aadhaar download ] – Aadhar Card Can Be Use For –

  • Identity Card – Aadhar Card is a Universal Identity Card & People can use it as an Identity Card for all the Purpose.
  • Government Subsidy – The Government Provides the Subsidy to the people. But, In order to get Government Subsidy. The Aadhar Card is Compulsory. Without Aadhar Card you cannot get any Subsidy from Government.
  • LPG Gas Connection – In order to take an LPG Gas Connection. The Applicant needs to provide the Aadhar Card.
  • Phone Connection – The Telecom company ask to provide Aadhar Card for New SIM & Phone Connection. And, they ask to link aadhar card to the phone number to their current customer.
  • Bank Account – Aadhar Card can be used to open a Bank Account. As every bank asks for the Aadhar Card to the Account Opening Applicant. And, they also ask to link Aadhar Card with Bank Account to their current Customer.
  • Aadhar Card Validity – It is valid for the lifetime for Aadhar Card Holder. And, the Aadhar Card holder use it as an Identity, Residential & KYC document for all purpose.

Aadhaar Card Download Duplicate Copy Online – [ e aadhaar card download ]

Have you applied for Aadhar Card? – Guys, if you have apply for Aadhar Card. But, you have not received it even after 90 days. You should Check Aadhar Card Status Online. Please Click Here to Know about How to Check Aadhar Card Status. You can check aadhar card status online by name & enrollment Number.

After Checking Aadhaar Card Status. If you found Aadhar Card has been Issued by UIDAI but you have not received it to the Residential Address. Then, don’t worry… you can download aadhaar card copy online. After, e aadhaar download you can get done aadhar card print out on Plastic Card.

Note:- Aadhar Card Download Procedure will download a PDF File. That will ask you to Enter Password. When, you go for Open the Aadhar Card PDF File. The Password will be first 4 Character of  your Name and Your Birth Year. For An Example :- My name is AAKASH & Birth is 1990. Then, the Password would be – AAKA1990.  (The all letter would be in Capital as like provided example).

Please find the step for Aadhar Card Download by Name & Enrollment :-

  • Visit :- https://eaadhaar.uidai.gov.in/#/
  • Select Aadhar near the Reset Button.
  • Enter Your Aadhar Card Number, Full Name as on Aadhar Card, Pincode & Security Code in the Box.
  • Now Click on “Get One Time Password” button.
  • After that you will receive an OTP on your Registered Mobile Number.
  • Now Enter OTP in the OTP box and Click on “Validate & Download” button.
  • Once, you complete these above step. The Aadhar Card PDF file starts downloading.

Final Word:-

This page is dedicated to E Aadhar Card Download. Hope, the provided information will help you to download eaadhar card. Please bookmark www.buzzz.in for future reference. You can book this site by pressing CTRL+D on chrome or you can add it in to your favorite list. Thanks… 🙂

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