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By | February 8, 2018

Have you forgotten your UAN Password? –Don’t Worry here is the solution for you as you need to do UAN Password Reset.

The Unified Member Portal has provided an option of UAN Password Reset. For that user needs to follow some simple steps.

What UAN Number? – EPFO of India (Employee Provident Fund Organization of India) has allotted UAN Number (Universal Account Number) to EPFO registered Employee in India.

UAN number will act as a Master Number which will be linked to the Multiple EPFO Member ID of the Particular EPFO registered Employee. Lets’ check out an Example of the same:-

Mr. X has worked with many of the Company/Organization in his career and each and every time he got a new EPFO member ID by EPFO.

Now, Mr. X again going to swipe his Job and wanted to join ABC. Pvt. Ltd. But this time Mr. X has Activated UAN Number.

So, When Mr. X will join the ABC. Pvt. Ltd. & provide the related document. He will provide the UAN number to the new Employer and the New Employer got all the previous EPFO Member ID of Mr. X.

Then, Mr. X can continue the same previous EPF account with his New Employer, if his wish to do that or if he wants to withdrawal the PF amount. Then, he can do same as per his own chose.

How to Recognize UAN number: – UAN number has 12 digits (123456789123) which will be provided by the Employer or the Employee can see the UAN number on their Salary Slip.

If the Employer has generated the UAN Number for that particular Employee.

How to Recognize Member ID: – EPFO Member ID would contain 15 Alpha Numeric Digits like GNGGN1234567890.

First 5 articles would be the State and City code as per the records of EPFO and rest 10 articles will the numeric digits.

UAN Password Reset On EPFO Unified Portal Login

If you have forgotten your UAN Login Password, you need to do UAN Password Reset by following below mentioned Simple Step

UAN Password Reset - 1

  • You will redirect to next page, where you will be asked to Enter your UAN Number and Correct CAPTCHA as posted in the below image. After Putting UAN and CAPTCHA, “Click on Submit” button.

uan website - 2

  • Then, UAN Member Portal show FIRST & LAST 2 DIGITS of your registered mobile number on the screen. And, ask you to Click on “YES” or “NO”. Click “Yes” if you want to get OTP on that registered mobile number and Click on “No” if you want to change the Registered Mobile Number. Let’s Click on “Yes”.

error! uan password not available. - 3

  • Once, you click on “YES” Button, you will redirect to next page and you also receive an OTP on your Registered Mobile Number which was shown to you just before this step. After receiving OTP on your Mobile. Please put the OTP in the “Enter OTP” field and “Click” on Verify button.
    (Note:- If you have not received any OTP on your Mobile Number. Then, please check number on the portal or “CLICK ON RESEND OTP” button)

uan is not active - 4

  • After verification through OTP. You will redirect to Next page, where you will ask to Put your “NEW PASSWORD” 2 times for Confirmation. Then, Click on the “SUBMIT” button.

epfo website - 5

  • Here You have completed the procedure of UAN Password Reset as you can see the below-mentioned Images.

epf online - 6

What will be the Process, If I would have Clicked on “NO” Button at the time of Registered Mobile Number OTP confirmation?

passbook - 7

  • After Clicking on “NO” Button, you will be asked to fill some information in order to receive OTP on different Mobile Number instead of Registered Mobile Number. You will be asked to fill, NAME, DOB, and GENDER. Then, Click on “Verify” button.

epf passbook login not working - 8

  • After providing your details, it will ask you to fill your Aadhaar or PAN Card Number. As below posted images.

pf account balance enquiry - 9

  • After providing, Aadhaar or PAN Card number. Now, you will be asked to Provide “New Mobile Number”. Please provide your “New Mobile Number” in the “New Mobile Number” field and Click on the “GET OTP” button.

epf login - 10

  • Now, enter the OTP which you receive on your “New Mobile Number”. Then, Click on “Verify” button.

epfo id - 11

  • Now, you will be asked to Put your “NEW Password”

unified login - 12

  • Here you have Reset UAN Password, After changing your Registered Mobile Number on Unified Portal.

member passbook not available error - 13

How to Change UAN Password after Login?

We should change our Password on a regular basis as it’s a good habit. By doing this on regular basis.

You may keep your confidential account Secure, such as Internet Bank Account, EPFO Member Portal etc.

So, we will recommend you to change your EPFO unified member Portal Password on Regular Basis. Please follow the below mentioned simple step:-

error uan password not available. passbook - 14

  • By filling the Correct “CAPTCHA”, you will be Sign in your Member Portal Account.
  • After Login, Go to “Account” Option > Change Password. “Click on “CHANGE PASSWORD” As shown in the below-posted images.

uan website not working - 15

  • Now, you will ask to Enter Old Password and New Password 2 times for the Confirmation Purpose. After Entering the OLD and NEW Password. You Click on “Update” Button to Change UAN Password.

memberclaims epfoservices in is not working - 16

(Note:- Please be advised that your Password should alphanumeric, have minimum 1 special character, and 8-25 character long. Special Character :- [email protected]#$%^&*().)

Final Word:-

Hello Reader, hope you guys have found this article useful & interesting. We have dedicated this webpage to UAN Password Reset. And, shared the complete procedure about the same. Kindly bookmark this site for future reference by pressing CTRL+D on chrome. Or, you can save this site in your favorite list. Thanks… Keep reading… 🙂

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